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Founded in 2017, Wanderset is poised to become the premier e-commerce destination for the global, eclectic tastemaker. Our mission is to not only provide an unparalleled product selection, but also to tell stories and source the next generation of designers and cultural creatives.

We refuse to be defined by any fashion genre – we are not streetwear, we are not contemporary, we are not haute-couture. We transcend narrow definitions. The thread that runs through everything we do is a dedication to finding and bringing together the best brands, stories and creative leaders shaping our world wherever we find them.

Wanderset provides an immersive experience like no other. Using content to build brand narratives and enrich the shopping experience, Wanderset conveys the very essence and DNA of our labels.

Our unique combination of shopping functionalities provides best-in-class, online retail along with a deeply connected experience that allows shopping through lifestyle content.

In further support of our mission, Wanderset also features singular personalities aka “Set Members” who showcase their brand and tell the brand’s, along with their own, distinctive story.

Finally, we are passionately exploring and seeking out tomorrow’s cadre of brands, designers and innovators to feature on the platform.

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