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Profound Aesthetic

Camo Pullover Fur Hooded Jacket

Camo Pullover Fur Hooded Jacket

Product Description:

The Camo Pullover Fur Hooded Jacket is a unique belnd
of a Hoodie and Trucker Jacket. The heavy cotton material
used to make the jacket makes it perfect for cold weather.
While it is a pull over jacket, the half zip in the front is ideal for breathability.
The jacket is designed with a woodland camo and vintage patches on the
lift sleeve, the front cargo pockets, as well as the left chest.

Fabrication & Fit

100% Cotton / Orange Satin Lining/ Faux Fur lining on hood


- Woodland Camo Cotton Body
- Orange Satin Lining
- Front cargo pockets
-buttoned half closure
-fur lined detachable hood
- quilted khaki cotton patches at elbows, large chenille carpet patch at back.